What can we do for you?

Website Design

Responsive Web Design

We provide our clients with custom designed, mobile-friendly, websites that will effictively communicate what your business is all about to your intended audiences. We understand the importance and impact a modern, professional, website can have on a business' reputation. We take pride in creating websites for our clients that present your brand in the best light possible, while also using it as a tool to attract and convert customers.

Website Redesigns

Is your website outdated or not performing the way you want it to? We’ve got you covered. At Digital Entrigue we specialize in creating new websites for our clients that will help them to better meet their objectives while also obtaining greater online success.

Branding & Content Strategy

Every brand has a ‘why story’ and in an increasingly competitive world, your ‘why story’ needs to be the focal point of your brand’s identity to separate you from your competition. We will help you accomplish this through:

• Content Creation

Our team will help you to create engaging content that tells your ‘why story’.

• Establishing Brand Identity

Our team will help you to establish a consistent visual brand that can be easily recognized by your audience.

• Audience Analysis

Understanding your audience is crucial to establishing an effective marketing campaign. At Digital Entrigue we will work with you to establish your target audience and then complete an in depth analysis of their online behaviour to assist you in creating an effective marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

Once you have an established virtual home and ‘why story’, your next step is to find online vehicles that will allow you to invite potential clients to your brand’s virtual home so that they may learn your ‘why story’. Our team at Digital Entrigue can help you to achieve this goal through the following services:

Search Engine Optimization

We live in a world where people no longer sift through a phonebook to find out about businesses. Instead, people turn to Google to search for the information they desire. As a result, it is increasingly important for businesses to ensure that they are being found online when potential customers are searching for their services in major search engines like Google. At Digital Entrigue, we will work with you to optimize your website and social media channels to ensure that you are being found by your target audience when being searched for on the Internet.

Online Advertising

Our team at Digital Entrigue will assist you with creating an advertising campaign that makes sense for your brand. We will work with you to create content and a strategy that targets your desired audience using one or more of our specialized approaches:

• Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective online marketing tools in the digital world today. Our team specializes in creating Facebook campaigns that make sense for your brand and fit within your marketing budget.

• Mobile Advertising

The majority of today’s web searches now occur using mobile devices. In the ever-changing world of mobile advertising, it has become difficult for brands to navigate and use this emerging form of advertising to their advantage. At Digital Entrigue, we will help you navigate the mobile advertising world and create advertisements that will allow you to realize your brand’s goals.

• Local Advertising

The online world is full of potential clients for your brand, however, reaching these potential clients can be difficult. Our team at Digital Entrigue will assist you in optimizing your advertisements and ensuring that they are reaching your desired audience online.

Social Media Management

Social media can be an effective communication and marketing tool for your brand. Choosing social media channels that make the most sense for your brand and creating content to accompany them is a challenge for every brand. At Digital Entrigue our team will help you to:

• Choose the right social media channels for your brand

• Provide coaching on how to best use the recommended social media channels for your brand

• Strategize and create content that will assist you in realizing your strategic goals