At Digital Entrigue we are committed to partnering with you to maximize your business’ online potential.

A key function that enables your business to thrive online is the development of an effective online marketing strategy. This requires a custom marketing strategy that is specific to the needs of your business and customers.

Our team works with our partners to choose the right online marketing tools that will provide them with the best return on their investment.

Social Media Advertising

Over two billion unique users access social media sites every month:

• Facebook – 2.29 billion monthly users (2018)
• Instagram – 1 billion monthly users (2018)
• Twitter – 335 million monthly users (2018)
• LinkedIn – 303 million monthly users (2018)

Each social media platform enables your business to access specific audiences that are sure to grow your online brand.

At Digital Entrigue we work with partners like you to decide which social media ad platforms make the most sense for your market and business goals.

Our team creates engaging advertisements that are optimized for the platform they are placed on. We will manage your campaign on your behalf and provide you with monthly progress reports. We pride ourselves on providing our partners with monthly reports that are easy to understand and accurately show the success of your campaign.

To learn more about how we can grow your business online through social media advertisements, contact us for a free consultation today.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising is a powerful online marketing tool that enables your business to connect with users who are searching for your product and/or services on search engines like Google.

Done right, PPC advertisements yield high revenue and brand exposure for your products and/or services. The key to a successful PPC advertisement is a clear understanding of your ideal customer.

At Digital Entrigue, we are experts in building and monitoring PPC campaigns. We work with you to narrow down your ideal customer and create a comprehensive list of search terms that will connect you with your desired user.

Our team specializes in the management of PPC advertisements for:

• Google Ads – Reaches 58 per cent of ALL Internet traffic (2018)
• Amazon Advertisements – Over 2.3 billion visitors each month (2018)
• Native Advertisements – The Internet’s newest PPC tool!

To ensure your ideal customer engages with your ad, our team will work with you to create engaging ads that are optimized to maximize your ad’s click-through-rate and create custom landing pages for your website that will turn your clicks in to conversions.

Content Strategy

Not all content is created equal.

When it comes to your online business presence, how you talk about your brand and your product and/or service offerings can dramatically influence your marketing success.

At Digital Entrigue, our team works with you to create an in-depth content strategy for your:

• Website
• Blog
• Social Media Accounts

All three content types play a critical role in recruiting new and old visitors to your website, and using them correctly can be a challenge.

Our experienced online marketing team will guide you through how these content types work together and partner with you to develop content that will grow your business. And don’t worry, we diligently monitor the results of your content-based campaign to ensure your content is performing at optimal levels and achieving the results you seek.

Conversion Optimization

So you have invested in a new website, you have an established SEO campaign and you have an advertising strategy, but is it working?

At Digital Entrigue, we work with you to establish metrics and tracking processes to ensure that your investment into your online brand is optimized and you are maximizing your results. These metrics and results are shared with our partners every month.